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Too good looking for this little town! But cheap house prices keep me here!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ha! I have just got my own works laptop with a 3g card!

Now I can join back in the sad world of checking my blogs!

My latest new toy is a Girlfriend!

God they are expensive, and I don't think they if put them in the attic, with the rest of the once cool 'must have things'

Plus, it didn't come with instructions.

And I did'nt realise that if you played with it too much it multiplied!

What have I done?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh well I have decided that this game is for people who either have access at work, bored, or enjoy making up fake identies.

Me, being none of the above have decided to end it!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Was 'Star Wars' real?

I had the strangest dream last night, it was helped along by the few pints the local, where the Star Wars films were actually leaked footage from NASA.

Now to any rational person this would just seem impossible, but with my wondering imagination and the sudden awakaning by the loud alarm clock, it all seemed quite possible.

So as I am showering away in a panic, knowing that I going to be late for work , my mind starts to take this on board as a possibility. So I continued to contemplate the possibilities, in my hungover state.

On the drive to work my car suddenly becomes an Y-wing fighter, ( I never had a thing for X-wings, too flimsy) and I am about to hit hyperspace!

Needless to say the journy to work became quite entertaining, picking off Tie Fighters at will, flying around Star Destroyers, ( actually large artics ) and so on.

I arrived at work on time, and suddenly realised it couldn't be real, I mean surely by now I would have met a Wookie!

Oh well, off to work then.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh well it couldn't last forever,

I finally had to look at my bank balance today and it was very ill!

I think I should try not to impulsive buy anymore and start spending long hours reading the back of food products in the hope that I can find a way of making them myself, but cheaper.

Spend long hours finding out what the cheapest petrol station in the area is.

Don't start new hobbies without finding out if I actually enjoy it.

Stop destroying things just because it might be fun to see what it takes to break them.

No bloody way!

I will now come up with my next get rich scam, and enjoy myself in self indulgence for the next twelve months!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I know I havn't been on for a while, But I have bought a new toy! Its a nitro r/c truck called a savage! I have been spending a bit of time with this lately, well until I broke it this afternoon!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well I sarted out well today, I woke up without a hangover. Now that in itself is a huge step forward, but then I went shopping!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back again, this time with much to the dissapointment of my bank manager!

I decided that the one item that I didn't own was a SLR camera! So I bought one!

I Don't really know how to use it, but have you seen the amount of extras you can buy for one of these things. I think my paypal account must be bordering on that of a multinational company by now.

Anyway, the parcels just keep coming and I am happy trying to find places to put my new 'purchases'!

I successfully managed to put some of the car parts to some use today, well I had no choice.

The bloody thing developed a habit of pouring petrol all over the kings highway, at will. While it was in the garage I managed to have a few of my purchases put on at the same time.

Well, the cars happy again. At least until I try and break it again!

If I ever try and sell a car on this site, dont buy it! They have all been mutilated, sent screaming at speeds they were never designed to, and by the time I come to sell them, (or write them off in stupid crashes, but thats a whole new story) they are probably happier to just get crushed and have a quick death.

Until next time!